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Our Facility

State-of-the-Art Facility to Meet Your Needs

Located in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area, Bell International Laboratories is home to state-of-the-art manufacturing, warehousing, and laboratory facilities. Today, more than 300 employees work in our facility, all dedicated to producing the highest quality products available.

square feet of manufacturing space
square feet of warehouse storage
square feet of research and lab space
Bell International Labs' custom skincare production facility in Eagan, MN Bell International Labs' research and testing area with foam and fabric covered benches with product distribution machine Bell International Labs' specialty skincare formulation manufacturing for organic skincare products in a knotty pine walled room with fabric lined vats and wheeled step stool Skincare researchers develop custom formulations at research and lab facilities at Bell International Labs in Eagan, MN Bell International Labs' scientific measurement equipment in lab in Eagan, MN Bell International Labs' lobby waiting area featuring clean, professional furniture and reception areas Bell International Labs' production line machine bottling custom spray cosmetics; green bottles enter and exit a formula filling station on production line

All Solutions in One Location

We pride ourselves on being a vertically integrated company, meaning we are able to handle all aspects of the product creation process. As such, our facility is equipped to do it all, from early stage R&D all the way to preparing your order for delivery.

This full-service capability reduces costs for you as a partner, increases efficiencies, and cuts down on the need to coordinate with multiple vendors. Overall, our facility is specifically designed to streamline the process and deliver the highest quality products available.

Female lab employee of Bell International labs measures ingredient into large beaker on scale in Eagan, MN production facility

Where Innovation Happens

As a science-first company, we are always looking for new and improved ways of doing business. Our facilities are designed to optimize the flow of the manufacturing process, and we are continuously improving and expanding to meet new demands. Additionally, under our roof, employees are empowered to think independently and to collaborate and bring forward innovative ideas for serving our partners better.

Male skincare researcher uses scientific equipment to measure samples at Bell International Labs' research facility in Eagan, MN

License and Registrations

We take compliance seriously and keep up-to-date with our registrations and licenses in the U.S. and internationally.

US FDA Drug Establishment Number: 3005574978

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms: SDS-MN-20005

US FDA labeler code: 76150

EPA (2 different sections of EPA, each with a different number): MNR000064519, 83581

Minnesota Board of Pharmacy number: 460588

Certified NSF Organic Facility Through QAI #C0267172-NSF3HNPC

Minnesota Liquor license number: 43484

RSPO Member: 9-3951-20-000-00

IBA formerly known as ICMAD: 6215

Discover the Differences a Flexible Facility Can Make

Fitted with high-tech equipment and 450,000 square feet of space, Bell International Laboratories’ facilities are equipped to meet your needs today and to grow with you in the future. Reach out to us to discuss your ambitions.