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Headshot of Bell International Labs' Team, Dr. William Christopfel in hallway wearing white lab coat

Dr. William Christopfel

Executive Director of Scientific Affairs

Dr. William Christopfel (Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of Illinois) serves as Executive Director of Scientific Affairs for Bell International Laboratories. In this role he oversees many aspects of scientific operations and development within the company. Dr. Christopfel has worked with Founder Mo Saremi and our company since 2000.

Dr. Christopfel possesses a deep understanding of chemistry and extensive knowledge of the chemical foundations of the personal care industry. He has created numerous innovative personal care products in addition to developing a multitude of original assay methods for the analysis of active ingredients. In addition to his other responsibilities, Dr. Christopfel spearheads our long-term exploratory research program.

Before arriving at Bell International Laboratories, Dr. Christopfel was a Senior Research Chemist at Monsanto Corporation working on catalytic asymmetric synthesis with Nobel Prize-winning chemist Dr. William Knowles.

Prior to Monsanto, he worked as a Research Associate in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Christopfel has been published numerous times in leading scientific journals and has obtained several patents on compounds and methods that have proven highly useful in the industry.

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